Friday, 3 February 2012

Show studio - "in your face"

Show studio - "In your face"

For the second half of our visual exploration unit we have to write a gallery review so I felt it was appropriate to write about the recent exhibitions that I have visited.
I went to see the "In your face" exhibition in London to expand my knowledge of different photographers. I really liked this exhibition because there was a range of fine art, fashion, sculpture, film and photography. The exhibition largely focuses on portraiture, which also contributes to my representation unit and reflects the exhibition title "In your face"
Instillation 1
                                               Black power - Hank Willis Thomas - 2008

Self Portrait of You + Me (David Bowie) ,

"Upfront, direct and sometimes brutal, in your face explores the contradictions, difficulties and traumatic engagements involved in our relationship to the world." (Show Studio) - This quote reflects the ideas of ethnicity, emotion and various thoughts. E.G - the photo "black power" by Hank Willis Thomas talks about ideas of race and discussing the connotations of how black people have power over white people. Gold teeth represent wealth and are considered as a higher status; "powerful".
The self portrait of you + me by Douglas Gordon I found interesting, purely because I also have an interest in fine art. An edgy effect has been created by the facial features being burnt out of the face and replaced with a mirrored surface to involve the audience within its piece. By erasing all features from the image he has removed all quality’s of expression which would help create a portrait. I also found it rather interesting at the fact using a celebrity - David Bowie a vast majority of people still recognise who it is. However, using someone else the image could have become unrecognisable, therefore changing the context of the image.

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