Monday, 6 February 2012

Review writing lecture

This lecture we learnt and discussed the skills and techniques to writing a good review as the other half of this unit. The total word count will be 1000 words and should include an introduction (250 words) , main section (500 words) and a concluding paragraph (250 words).
The introduction should include a general overview of what the reviews about and indicate the main points which are going to be discussed.
The main section should discuss a variety of theory and concepts supporting different ideas which are being brought to attention.
Finally the conclusion is used to summarise all the issues raised and to conclude with a final clear understanding.
With this review we are also told to incorporate two illustrations to support our writing.
We were also told various other tips such as to try and avoid using the first person such as "I" "me" or "my" and to try and write in third person to make the register more formal. We discussed how to use paraphrasing and to use Harvard referencing when creating our bibliographies.
This session i found useful to re-fresh my mind about writing reviews and essays and i now understand the criteria for writing a good review. I can also refer back to this post at any point throughout my development if my review.

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