Monday, 13 February 2012

Booooooom and John Farrar

Sourced from "Booooooom" blog
Booooooom is another blog which I was introduced to by other course friends who had discovered it.

It is a very lively blog which is interesting to follow as if discusses the work or different mediums. It looks at art, film, photography, design and music, keeping its followers up to date with recent artists in different areas.
I really like the layout of this blog as its vibrant, busy and very colourful making it very eye catching. There's always lots of information to keep on top of an interesting research to share with other photographers.

John Farrar

I went to visit open houses in Brighton during the Arts festival and came across the work of John Farrar and his blog Recently developing an huge interest in fashion photography his work has been a huge inspiration to me which I shall use within my own personal photography to develop my ideas. His use of fine art and vibrant colours incorporaited into his photographs is what initially caught my eye.

All images sourced from John Farrar's website

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