Wednesday, 29 February 2012

David Cotterrell: Monsters of The Id, The John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

The John Hansard Gallery was presenting the work of David Cotterrell called "Monsters of the Id which is based at Southampton University. David is an installation artist who works across a variety of media such as; video interactive media, audio and hybrid technology. "The exhibition captures the disorientation of a civilian observer within a militarised environment." (
When entering the gallery the first instillation called the "Observer effect" took me a while to adjust to. We are exposed to a 180 degree landscape projected onto a plain white wall which presents an image of a distant, self absorbed population. The presence of people who enter the area to see the instillation distract the projector which senses this and another "avatar" appears in front of us which gradually grows in number.
The second instillation called "Searchlight 2" was a huge platform created using a tonne of chalk demonstrating higher and lower areas of the "desert". The growing population from instillation one "The Observer Effect" are generated using technology to appear on this chalk landscape. The avatars travel around and their direction is completely randomized. I found this fascinating to watch as every time you looked at it, it was different.
After exploring around the different rooms, I began to understand there connection with each other and how the whole exhibition is a response to what David Cotterrell experienced in Afghanistan.

Images all sourced from "The John Hansard Gallery"

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