Monday, 30 January 2012


Yesterday was the first proper session we had for our new topic Visual Exploration. We were introduced to the new topic and told our outcomes for this unit. It is split into two different sections where we have to write an illustrated review on a recent exhibition we personally found interesting. The other 50% is to complete a blog demonstrating development, progress and research. Over this unit I will be observing and visiting various blogs and galleries to develop my knowledge and push my ideas forward.
We were initially introduced to a variety of different blogs to kick-start our ideas!

These blogs all began to initiate different ideas even with little aspects such at layout and various fonts. I’ve gathered knowledge of how a simple blog without a picture background works a lot better, and I’ve identified what aspects grab the viewer’s attention.
I also really like the quirky and catchy names each blog has. I think it makes it more interesting for the audience, like “cup of pea” I was intrigued to know what the purpose of the title was, therefore I did further reading. The title of my blog I’m going to create as my project goes along where my ideas will broaden and it will be more appropriate.

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