Wednesday, 25 April 2012

An inspired shoot

After looking at the work of Thomas Demand I was inspired to take some photographs looking at objects within and out of their environment. I had developed an eye for vibrant settings and objects looking at how they may be obscured perhaps through the influence of people, or nature?
I went to a local place in West Sussex where my dad coincidently parks his old route master bus. The area is known as the "Cement Works" which is an old scrap yard but also has a barn which stores old vehicles which are under restoration.
Keeping in mind that I wanted to photograph objects out of context and within their environment and I was keen to look at settings containing the use of vibrant colours I managed to create various successful images shown below.


All these images I feel are each individually powerful. They all bring different ideas and demonstrate a sense of continuity between each. I really enjoyed creating this imagery partly because it was an area I hadn't looked into before, Ive only ever photographed objects within a studio environment; so now that ive studied objects taken out and within their environment I feel I've learnt more and developed my skills.

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