Wednesday, 25 April 2012

'The Dailies, Thomas Demand, Sprüth Magers Gallery

The Dailes is currently showing at the Spruth Magers Gallery, London (also in Berlin) Showing work from a German photographer Thomas Demand. In this show he's presenting the idea of looking at everyday, mundane objects within an specific environment. Thomas Demand creates his imagery through the dye transfer process which involves securing a number of dyes to paper using a gelatine substance to created high saturated, vibrant colours.

My own images
Thomas Demand brings us to the attention of looking at how everyday objects are obscured which are normally left un-noticed as something we would take for guaranteed. The colours used within Demands work are vibrant and consistent however the images do a have a tranquil, calm aspect to them which I think is created by the bland composition. All his images portray a composition with the object central with fairly bland surroundings which I feel is to enhance the main focus of the central object.

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