Wednesday, 28 March 2012

'Joy In People', Jeremy Deller, Hayward Gallery

Jeremy Deller was exhibiting another project in the Hayward Gallery alongside David Shrigley.
"Jeremy Deller is an artist – but you’d never think he was, at least not in the traditional sense. He won the Turner Prize in 2004, yet he didn’t go to art school, and readily admits that he cannot sculpt or paint." ( Alastair Sooke - 27/2/12 -
The telegraph) The work of Jeremy Deller is very hard to comprehend and explain. His work is very literal, random and often interactive. For example In the Hayward Gallery placed centrally in the middle of the gallery is a knocked up snack bar called Valerie's snack bar which was originally created to take part acting as a float in Manchester’s international festival in 2009. Visitors around the gallery can order tea and sit on round red plastic chairs surrounded by fluorescent signs which advertises toasted tea cakes, cakes and bacon sandwiches.(Alastair Sooke)

Images sourced from "The Telegraph"

"Open bedroom" was another instillation which was very random and original. Deller had created a bedroom alike his childhood bedroom in the 1980's. The room was interactive where the audience could open the cupboards, wardrobe and to look through his personal objects and drawings he'd created. This instillation invites his audience into a real personal space to which the viewer creates an insight into the type of person who lived in this room. This is due to the posters, t-shirts and newspapers around his bedroom creating a persona of someone who likes music, a more graphic approach to art and flags and banners which create an element of protesting.

Images sourced from "The Telegraph"

I liked this instillation as in terms of invading someone’s personal space it was obviously created to state a point to the viewers regarding his persona, protest and his political views. I enjoyed engaging within his work by the idea of interaction because it opens the work to a wider audience and creates a positive, fun atmosphere.

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