Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Forum discussions

Over the second semester I have taken part in forums to discuss various different topics. I’ve enjoyed responding to them as it’s another way to gain more knowledge and it gets you thinking about different things and looking at other peoples perspectives.

The first discussion I contributed to was regarding the topic "Analogue vs Digital"
This was my response..
"I defiantly agree with the majority of comments. Analogue photography allows you to create imagery first hand which is a pure representation. You spend more time planning and fixing the lighting in a shoot to perfection due to the limited shots that you can have. Digital just encourages you to take more less thoughtful photographs because you can edit and delete after therefore not being as rewarding.

Responding to Phillipa’s comment about people who photograph using really expensive equipment I personally don’t find their work as interesting. When looking at photographs in gallery’s and reading about how it was created, I’m much more interested in someone’s work that’s been created using a cheap old film camera which they’ve processed and printed from themselves. As oppose to a digital piece which you know the persons spent a lot of time distorting the natural aspects of the image."

I also responded to the forum about the artist Orlan.
"I agree with Megan’s statement here. After watching the video of Orlan and reading further research I was left confused and a bit disgusted if I’m honest. I find her work more shocking than interesting but maybe that’s half the reason she creates it?!
I think there’s an alternative to how she could portray her point which is less extreme than permanently altering her body.
I also agree with the fact that plastic surgery should only be used for medical reasons. I might be taking this to the extreme, but some people who have to have plastic surgery could consider this as offensive, because I doubt they could understand why someone would do this to themselves off their own back. "

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