Saturday, 5 May 2012

'Transmission: New Remote Earth Views', Dan Holdsworth, Brancolini Grimaldi

"Transmission: New Remote Earth Views" is Dan Holdsworth latest exhibition showing at the Brancolini Grimaldi gallery in London. Holdsworth uses technology to create digital representations of the American West. In his images of the Grand Canyon, Mount Shasta, Mount st Helens and Salt Lake City we see uneven, interpreted terrains which is created by taking what is absent into account. What appears to be a natural representation of white snowy mountains is actually a digital laser scan of the earth using geological survey data. A 'Terrain Model' is used to measure climate and land change measuring the impact of mans effect on earth.
Each image is very realistic to the point where the audience presume it’s a real representation. The idea of looking at the impact of mans presence I feel creates two concepts behind the idea. One where we look for evidence and create a sense of presence and the other where we understand the idea of absence.
At first, I wasn't really fascinated by these images as I felt they all became quite repetitive. However, once Id discovered the concept behind these images I found them really interesting because it didn’t cross my mind that they weren’t just ordinary photographs beforehand. So once I understood the concept I became a lot more interested in the photographs.


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